During 30 years of activity, Lario Energy has realized for a wide range of paper and board:

  • 210 steam and condensate systems,
  • 85 complete hoods for moist air suction with heat recovery systems,
  • 110 pocket ventilation systems and sheet stabilizing systems,
  • 30 high efficiency hoods for yankee cylinders, dryers for coating machines and non-woven,
  • 70 preassembled thermoregulation systems for calender rolls and cylinders in paper industry and plastic,
  • 60 heating and ventilation systems for machine rooms, storage, converting and industrial buildings.

For our company, even if of small dimension, research and development of new solutions and applications are a decisive element for staying on the market.

This consciousness makes us careful and interested in new technologies, mindful that they must give concrete advantages and must be correctly integrated in our plants, without impeding an easy managing.