Steam and Condensate Systems

Steam and condensate system is the primary element to obtain the high efficiency of drying section.

Our steam systems are designed and optimized considering the produced paper type, the working maximum flexibility and the energy efficiency.

All these results can be achieved thanks to the high know-how reached by us.

Qualified technical personnel guarantee the optimal execution of engineering with care of detail, analyzing all system design aspects.

The engineering development includes all the following documentation necessary to reach an high standard quality:

  • Detailed flow-sheet;
  • Tridimensional and two-dimensional assembling drawings;
  • Isometric drawings for system pre-manufacturing;
  • Selection with equipments technical specifications;
  • Assembling material lists including piping, supports, material for instrumentation, electric material;
  • Instrumentation assembling drawings and specification;
  • System automation with supply of control electric boards and automation equipments;
  • Technical documentation with system use and maintenance instructions.

The management of the modern steam systems is mostly simplified by using an automation expressly developed for a practical and effective system operating.

In this way the machine operator can focus himself only on the product and not more on the system.

The management system software is developed to optimize the drying section operating with the following advantages:

  • reduction of operator errors;
  • shorter recovery times after paper beaks;
  • eliminate steam vent in the atmosphere;
  • reduction of heat loss at the water heat exchanger;
  • perfect integration with the aerothermic system for a further energy consumption reduction;
  • reduction of system start and stop times;
  • integration with modern steam generator systems (cogeneration, etc.).