Technologies for corrugated cardboard

The Eco Sec infrared dryers from Lario Energy are suitable for the drying of water dispersion inks and paints and can be installed on machines for corrugated cardboard with top or bottom printing, even in small spaces.

Compared to traditional dryers offer the following advantages

    Reduction of energy consumption due to the possibility of using only the sectors where really the support is printed
  and the use of high efficiency lamps  with a partial coverage of the back in order to irradiate all the energy produced on the substrate to be dried
    possibility to adjust the power of each dryers adapting it to the different types of printing
    Slight increase in drying capacity thanks to the cooling air of the lamps that comes out of the structure (which becomes a positive pressure environment avoiding the entry of dust) and goes to lick the sheets that pass above / below them all generated by a series of fans installed in order to optimize the cooling air flow.

    the lamps used are of the medium wave or carbon type, contained in special quartz tubes and with low thermal inertia, because the water part of the paints evaporate more rapidly and the energy is absorbed more efficiently by the support.

    quick possibility to change sectors or lamps in case of breakdowns or malfunctions, especially in models with top printing.

    quick return on investment due to increased productivity.

Technical characteristics of the infrared systems:

– independent ignition of each sector.
– independent power regulator for each dryer

simple use by touch-screen that communicates with the PLC and offers a variety of information and settings of the system to adapt it to any type of machine, software already prepared for a maximum size of 3600mm and up to 10 dryers:
– possibility to communicate with the machine either via hardware or via Ethernet.
– protective glass sheets to prevent dust deposits or small waste on lamps.
– steel guide sheets to avoid dovetail of sheets above the dryers.
– laser photocells for the control of any accidental sheets stop  in the lamp area.
– magnetic sensor for checking the correct positioning of the frame inside the printing machines.
– possibility of having a manual or automatic lamp test function to check the installed lamps.
– possibility of having a remote assistance module for verification operations in case of faults or malfunctions.

 Combined dryers infrared IR ECO SEC-HA

The combined dryers of Lario Energy are suitable for drying water dispersion inks and varnishes, as during printing it is necessary to heat and simultaneously remove large quantities of water from the support in a short period of time ,and can be installed on machines for cardboard. corrugated with top or bottom print.

Compared to traditional ovens they offer the following advantages:

– possibility of exploit the infrared part and the hot air part simultaneously for the drying of paints and inks
– air blades to speed up and better distribute the amount of air emitted by the system.
– management of the temperature and quantity of air automatically.
– possibility to use the  steam when it is already present for the corrugator
– use only the hot air part in the case of productions that do not require a lot of energy.
– possibility to use the system even with non-heated room air only, with consequent energy saving.


 HA dryers

The HOT AIR dryers of Lario Energy are suitable for the drying of water dispersion inks and paints and solve the known problems of “trapping” (bad coverage of inks) and “ghosting” (coloring of the paint) as well as eliminating markings and scratches due to printing processes.

The energy required for the evaporation of water contained in inks and varnishes is generated by convection of the heated air through heat exchange units

Different sources of energy can be used by the heat exchange groups for the production of hot air:

– steam, which in many companies is already available for the operation of the corrugator.
– overheated water.
– diathermic oil.
– electric energy.

The dryers can be supplied by a single exchange group (a less flexible solution) or by different groups (a solution that offers more flexibility to the system).

All HA dryers are equipped with a blowing system and a recirculation system for the reuse of excess heat, a technical solution that positively affects operating costs.

The solutions most suited to the needs of customers for the use of space, energy to be used and operating costs are studied.

The hot air drying systems are certainly less invasive on the machine parts of the infrared systems because the operating temperatures are lower, they need less maintenance but can not be installed in too narrow spaces and surely it have slower start times compared to traditional IR